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Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Chaos Wolves and a new Blog

Below are some pictures of the Chaos Wolves commission I have been working on. Still have about 5 miniatures to tidy up and lots of bases to do, as you will see. Skipping painting the bases right after I am done with a model is a bad habit of mine.

In the months to come I have Vampire Counts, some Ancients and a large "real" Space wolves army. The VC and Ancients are both under way but don't have to many finished shots.

Also, in an attempt to keep business and pleasure separate I decided to create another blog dedicated to my own personal projects. A Tale of One Miniature Painter will showcase some of my own projects that I am working on as well batreps, that is if I play again. I am currently working on “beefing” up my Ultramarines and Dwarfs but like many gamers I am constantly distracted so you will probably also see Tomb Kings, Hordes of Chaos, Orcs, Orks and Blood Angels.

More to come so stay tuned!

New Blog:

The Pack!