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Monday, March 21, 2011

March Painting so far....

Below are some pictures for some of the commissions I am working on. Should have more up by the end of the week.

First up are Blood Knights for Vampire Counts. Yes, they are Chaos Knight/Marauder Horsemen but honestly who would want to may $95 MSRP for 5 Vampires on Horseback!

Next is the Khornish Space Wolves. This army is going to consist of all Chaos/Khorne miniatures but played as Space Wolves. These are just the basic tac squad troops. The rest of the stuff I am waiting till last to paint. Most of it is heavily converted by the gentleman whom I am painting these for. He is a professional toy maker so all of the models are well done.

Lastly, are some English Bowmen I just started, so are only WIP shots. Only have 10 of these so I should have them done by Wednesday.

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