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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Super Dungeon Explorer: Toys for Tots Charity Auction

 Here are some pics of 3 of the 4 explorers. The 4th is almost done and all should be headed to Santa's sleigh in time for the auction. These were a lot of fun to paint and will hopefully earn some money for a good cause.


  1. I love these guys! I wanted to paint some kobolds... just because, I guess. Where these fun to paint or frustrating?

  2. They were fun to paint but a challenge at first. There are very few lines to guide you. The faces are essentially a flat surface and clothing lacks the folds you generally see in a GW mini. I know they are re-releasing these in plastic with the new game. From what I have seen they look really good.

  3. Yeah, I hear you on the flat surfaces. Great job!

  4. I just bought the game but I'm kind of new to this whole mini painting business do you mind posting a list of materials and paints that i should be buying for this?

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